Healthier Concrete Technologies
for a Greener World

First Product Our first product

Our First Product is Plient

Plient reduces

  • Greenhouse Gases (e.g., CO2) by 19.2%
  • Air Pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides by 20.1%

260,000 miles

Placing one mile of 42” concrete pipe made with Plient instead of conventional reinforced concrete pipe removes enough produced CO2 to equal emissions from driving your car almost 260,000 miles!*

*Calculation assumes 1% steel reinforcing ratio, all steel replaced by recycled steel fibers as used in Plient concrete; 1.9 lbs of CO2 produced per lb of steel produced; 0.88 lbs of CO2 produced per mile of driving a car.

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Plient is made with Healthy ingredients

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Recycle steel fibers

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Recycled aggregate from torn up roads

Learn more about Plient's exciting details here
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Who We are

Circle Concrete Tech

Circle Concrete Tech’s technology was developed by Zach Grasley, PhD, PE, a professor at Texas A&M University, and Xijun (Jeff) Shi, PhD, PE, an Assistant Professor at Texas State University. They have spent their careers looking for ways to make concrete healthier and better for the world.

Circle Concrete Tech was also incubated within the SuperSonic Technology incubator located in Madison, Wisconsin. Texas A&M, Texas State, Zach and Xijun have been amazing partners through this process.

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